Beef Plate Ribs

There are few things in life more amazingly unctuous than perfectly done beef ribs.  The stars of this show are two 3-bone Beef Plate Rib sections about 1-1/2 inches thick.

Take a look at the marbling in these babies!  It's worth noting that these are different than the scraped-off beef back ribs that you usually see in the supermarket, which have had the rib roast removed from them.  Beef plate ribs are from the lower section of the ribs, making them analogous to spare ribs on a hog.

We wanted the beef to really shine so we kept the seasoning very simple: A coating of Worcestershire followed by kosher salt, granulated garlic and freshly cracked black pepper.

The 22" WSM was the cooking vessel of choice and it's a good thing. Look at how they fill up the cooking grate! You can see the smoke already beginning to envelop the racks.

Here they are at the 3 hour mark. The pull back at this point was amazing!

And this is at 5.25 hours. You wouldn't believe how it felt to slide a probe into these beauties. It was the smoothest and most luxurious feeling of beefy heaven ever felt on the face of the Earth! 

To say that the knife dropped through the meat would be an understatement. There was about to be some good eating going on around here.

Yeah, the beef rib kind of dominated the plate.

No caption required.



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