Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away...
no, wait.

After decades being enamored of all things BBQ and a faithful Weber kettle devotee, in July of 2005 the first gaping rip in the fabric of sanity occurred and VQ branched out by bringing home a Bar-B-Chef offset smoker.  For the first year, a tenuous grasp on normalcy was maintained.  Other than producing more smoked meat than was reasonable and spending some time on Internet BBQ message boards, he seemed to still have a grip.

That all changed one moment in 2006 when something like the following conversation occurred:

VQ:  "Hey, there's going to be a BBQ competition in November at Lake Pleasant!  We won't learn much by just going and looking -- let's ENTER!"


A couple of other looneytunes were recruited, and another flew in just for the comp.  When the dust settled and our asses had been duly kicked, we looked around and said, "Damn!  Let's do that AGAIN!"

Less than a year later, we found ourselves with a garage full of BBQ equipment and counting the days to our next competition.

Learn from our tragic example.  The same might very well happen to you.

These days, the Bar-B-Chef has become a backyard ornament, and the gear we haul to comps consists of four Weber Smokey Mountain cookers and a Stoker (with the occasional appearance of the faithful old Weber Kettle).  We make all our own rubs and sauces.  



4727 East Bell Road #45-360
Phoenix, AZ  85032